Saturday, April 28, 2012

Blogging and Other Things

Well. I've decided to try blogging again. Who knows how this will turn out? I think there actually ARE still people who do this. It has not gone the way of the Do Do bird after all. For which I am thankful.

Below is one of my nephews, a very special young man. We get along really famously. This is just recently.

Monday, February 13, 2012

George, Fatso and Jolson

I had some very serious work to do.

I cannot have pets in my apartment such as a dog, cat, or anything really more advanced than a rock. But I CAN have fish. So my daughter's boyfriend was getting rid of his aquarium. I WANTED an aquarium.


So I have an aquarium. A whole bunch of fish have unfortunately died. There ARE three fish left however. There is Fatso, the ugliest fish I have ever seen. But I'm told he's SUPPOSED to look that way.

There's Jolson. Not Al Jolson. But he is a white fish with black spots. Reminds me of the dalmatian we used to have -- the dumbest dog I have ever met, before or since -- that I called Jolson.

She really WAS about as dumb as a post.

But she was a good dog.

And there is Peter the Plecostomus. He is like the on-site janitor.

And then there is my wristwatch, who really IS named George.

Here they are:

This, as you can see, is George. There is even a period at the end of his name. He cost about $13.

Above, this is Jolson, on top. I like him.

This is, despite the fuzziness, Fatso. He is, well, fat. He has, of course, been bred that way. I did not pick out any of my fish. My daughter and her BF did. It gives me something to do aside from fart around on Farcebook all day.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Winter 2012

Geez it's cold. How have I managed to survive these winters all these years?

When is summer coming?

Friday, January 20, 2012

At Last

What a classic above...

What a fun, alive character compared to those drips from the Reflublican party...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


It's the Time Of The Season...for sitting inside and doing very little and waiting winter out. But it can be very grey and dreary.

Such is life.

I have learned just to accept the weather. It is what it is. But it certainly can get dreary over an extended period. There's always Farcebook!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ho Hum

All the rage that is causing media types to fall over themselves with analysis, etc., of the Republican presidential race in the U.S. is absurd. Let's face it--the U.S. Republicans are a bunch of right-wing whackos, many of whom believe that the world will end tomorrow.

Even though life has continued as usual EVERY TIME the world was supposed to end or what have you.

Don't these people, who are otherwise intelligent, 21st-century inhabitants of a world that will NOT end tomorrow, or any time soon, learn? We are the most evolved beings on the planet. We have the intelligence to LEARN.

The majority of us do it gently, factually, WITH facts. NOT unproven, invisible concepts or fairytales that other humans have developed and written to give us hope in the absence of any other explanation about the origins of life.

Year after year, scientists try to debunk this stupid religion thing and the notion that we could have been God's Creation last week or anytime recently. This is despite all the evidence to the contrary. It defies all logic.

But who ever cared about logic? Certainly not Evangelicals or those who believe in any other religion. WE invented religion because people who can't bare the thought that we die, and that's it, can't handle the concept that we just die and go away.

It's like these people need to be slapped in the face or have cold water poured on them to get them to come to their senses, which aren't sensible at all. Dinosaur bones have repeatedly been found. There is no proof that God existed.

Still, there's a HUGE percentage of people who WANT to believe and any amount of logic or proof or anything means little to them. TO them, they believe, and that's good enough. That's why they call it faith.

They BELIEVE despite everything because they WANT to believe. It seems that's what FAITH is -- the belief, despite all the proof to the contrary, that their God exists. The point is, there's NO WAY of positively proving NO GOD exists.

So in their mind, he MUST exist.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Occupying 2011

It got tiring. After a while, I was making jokes about Occupying my bathroom. But it was the thing that was most noteworthy about 2011. It was like Four Dead in Ohio. But I'm sure it made Fat Cats the world over sit up and take notice.

The way I see it, when it all comes down to the basics, they shit the same way I do.

I'm not part of this movement, but I'm proud of the people who are.

There ARE stupid things about it, no doubt. But the premise of the movement is hard to argue with. There IS the 99 per cent. Then there's the one per cent. And our young people, thank God for them, have basically done what WE wouldn't do.

The 99 per cent is taking on the one per cent.

Good for them.